How much will i pay?

The fees are based on your monthly income or your ability to pay. If you are attending as a couple then the fee is based on the monthly income combined. We will also make exceptions and decide the fee with you based on what you can afford. There are three different sliding scales, one to see a Therapist in Training, one to see a Licensed Therapist, and one to do Internet/Telehealth Therapy. The average fee is $45 per session to see a Therapist in Training. The average fee to see a Licensed Therapist is $100 per session. We are Not currently accepting Insurance but will in the next few months. Anticipated Insurance panels will be Healthnet Medi-Cal, Anthem Blue Cross Medi-Cal, Aetna Medi-Cal, and Molina Healthcare insurance. The first step is to call to ask any other questions you may have and to get a feel for the counselor that calls you. If you feel comfortable talking with the counselor you can make an appointment with them. If you do not feel comfortable with them, please call back the main line and ask for another counselor. Counseling is a partnership between two people and if you don’t feel comfortable with someone we encourage you to find a counselor you do feel comfortable with. So the first session is generally a time to go over policies, fees, what brought you to counseling, and for you to gauge how you feel with your counselor. Towards the end of the first session the counselor will tell you what he/she can offer you and what he or she thinks the frequency of the sessions should be. You both decide if you want to continue counseling with each other and what the frequency will actually be. I’ve never done this before.

How do I get started?

Generally sessions are 45-50 minutes long and scheduled once a week. Depending on schedules, what you can afford, and severity, sessions can take place twice per week or once every other week. Rarely we have scheduled every three weeks or once a month.

Do we take insurance?

We are not accepting some Medi-Cal plans in the Los Angeles Area as of yet. In the near future e plan to take Healthnet Medi-Cal, Anthem Blue Cross Medi-Cal, Aetna, and Molina. We will not take any regular insurance or straight medical, but Once established care we will be happy to provide you with receipts.

What are our Business Hours:

Therapist schedules Varies. However, we are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.